I just got back from CF Summit 2014 and I would have to say there was a lot of great sessions. Unfortunately we didn't receive a link to the SlideShare where all of the talks are going to be hosted but through twitter i have rounded up a few of them. I will update the links to the slides as I find them.

UPDATE: Some of the presentations have been uploaded to http://www.slideshare.net/ColdFusionConference, i will still update the list as they come in.

Sessions at a Glance

Best Practices


Server Performance, Scaling, & Monitoring

Web Sockets, MVC, CLI, Dependency Injection, REST, and more...

ColdFusion Features, Hidden Gems, & Discussions

  • Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014 includes an interactive panel discussion ( No Slides) - Elishia Dvorak
  • ColdFusion Internals
  • ColdFusion Lives, ColdFusion Thrives - Rakshith Naresh
  • Hidden Gems in ColdFusion 11 - Charlie Arehart
  • Technology Paradigm Shifts - David Nuescheler